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CCSS, Inc. was specifically formed to service corporate and government organizations which have a need to have their information converted or duplicated. We perform conversions of any type, regardless of size or density of the media used, for example from magnetic tape to CD-R. We actually perform translations of the information between dedicated word processors and PC software packages, retaining all document attributes.

Conversion Services CCSS, Inc.

CCSS, Inc. as a service to our customers with needs which make it necessary to purchase equipment, can also provide sales and service of conversion and duplication equipment. We are an Authorized  dealer, and in October 1987 we purchased New Generation Systems, Inc. whose DiskMaker products revolutionized conversion. Not only do we sell these products, but we use them, which affords us the unique opportunity to give honest opinions concerning their abilities, advantages, and limitations.

IRS W2, 1098, 1099 Rejected TIN 3480 tapes

Rejected TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number) tapes that the IRS returns to filers. These tapes contain a list of the TINs, usually Social Security numbers, that the IRS couldn't match to their database.
CCSS will convert the IRS tape and returned it on CD, DVD or via email or ftp, and the data will be ZIP encrypted for security when sent via the Internet.

IRS Rejected TIN Tapes Converted $85.00

Price is per IRS Tape and includes free USPS shipping and media.

Tests & Evaluation of Conversions

Simple conversion test will be done at no charge please call to see if your conversion test is free or if there will be a charge. Charges run from $25.00 to $50.00. Charges for the output media and shipping per your instructions will be charged.

Free ASCII Chart Poster

This ASCII Poster is Free, but due to the rising costs of US Mail, and the limited supply left we will be charging shipping only to anyone who would like one of the remaining posters.
To receive an 17in x 22in frameable ASCII Chart poster. You will have to create an account.
Add the ASCII Chart to your shopping cart and you will be charged for shipping only.

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