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Controlled Copy Support Systems, Inc. is headquartered in Sterling VA, USA. It is women owned small business established in 1985 to support the transport of informational data needs of corporate and government organizations. Controlled Copy Support Systems, Inc. CCSS, Inc.


Controlled Copy Support Systems Inc. (CCSS, Inc) was formed in 1985 to service corporate and government organizations in the conversion and duplication of information. We perform conversions between any type, size or density of media including but not limited to diskettes, nine track tapes, QIC tapes, DAT tapes, CD’s, DVD and floptical diskettes. Conversions can be limited to transfers between media types, or can be performed between software packages and media types.

CCSS, Inc is a large volume reseller of CD & DVD related media and supplies, shipping thousands of quality product from major media manufactures each month. The key to the strength of the company is in its ability to buy in large volume to keep the prices down. A brief history bears that out.

In May 1992, CCSS, Inc. founders entered the supply business targeting computer recording media products and support products. This venture focused on developing a supply system that would allow us to pass on a cost savings to our customers.

Starting in late 1993, CCSS, Inc. focused it's efforts on the growing Supply Industry and developed a portfolio of Major Brand CD DVD based products, including CD Sleeves, CD Jewel Cases and CD Alternative Cases. In 1996, CCSS, Inc began adding CD Paper products, CD Vinyl Products, CD Printer Supplies and Custom Shaped CD/R’s. In an effort to expand the availably of these products to our customers.

In the fall of 2004, CCSS, Inc. moved to a larger facility in Sterling VA. In an effort to expand the availably of our products to a more centrally located area so our customers have easier access to our supplies and services.

Our Mission

The mission of CCSS, Inc. and its employees is to provide high quality and superior products to our customers at a fair and competitive price. We shall provide services that is both friendly and efficient. It is our goal to establish a relationship that will grow with repeat business by becoming the provider of choice for our customers.

We will achieve our mission by adhering to the following principles:

Quality Products: We buy only the highest quality products from our suppliers. By staying in touch with our customers needs we make sure that we can economically supply a quality product. This means we will always be developing additional relationships with manufactures in anticipation of expected requirements of the marketplace.

Quality Service: We want to be known for the service and product that we sell, and we supply on time all the time. We will be your vendor of choice because you can depend on us.

Quality People: All the people at CCSS, Inc. are knowledgeable and caring individuals who are trained to provide customer oriented service. It is our goal to make sure that we understand your needs and that we provide products that will work for you.

Our STRATEGY: If we can provide our customers with the products, the knowledge and the service they need in a timely fashion, they will become our partners in success. We will be there for all who wish to work with us in a common effort to solve problems.

Controlled Copy Support Systems, Inc.
22500 Davis Dr. Unit 120
Sterling, VA 20164

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