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CD Replication Services


CD-ROM disc replication is the ideal solution when you need to order more than 1000 CDs.

CCSS Inc. CD replication service combines fast turnaround, great prices and professional quality thanks to our 24 years in the media duplication industry. This is why over 10,000 customers have relied on CCSS to make their CD replication project a success.

CD-ROM replication gives you a cost effective means to create and disturb your products at a fraction of the cost.
We pride ourselves on our quality and on time deliveries.

Standard CD-ROM replication orders are completed within 5-7 business days from art approval.

CD Replication Services CCSS, Inc.


CD-ROM Replication Services

      CD-ROM Replication      
  • CD-ROM standard size     

Quality You Can Trust

  • Your disc solution for CD orders of greater than 1000
  • Guaranteed perfect copy replication
  • Color printing on disc
  • PDF proof sent to your email on all printed material
  • Packaging and Custom Printing available
  • CD Content Services available


Bulk CD Replication Pricing

Package Includes:        
  • ISO 9002 Certified
  • FREE Glass Mastering
  • Stacked and Wrapped
  • Boxed for Shipping
  • Film Output - $25 Per Color
  • Shipping
1,000 CDs
        $ Call ea
2,500 CDs
        $ Call ea
5,000 CDs
       $ Call ea
10,000 CDs
        $ Call ea
25,000  CDs
        $ Call ea


               Call 703.433.0050      

        CD Mastering Pricing
From USB Drives $185.00
From Tape $285.00
        Additional Options
Tyvek Sleeves with Window $0.18
Paper Sleeves With Window $0.10
Jewel Case $0.35
C Shell $0.24
Jewel Case Color Printed Back Card $0.75
Jewel Case Color Printed Front Card $0.75

   Replication vs. Duplication

   CD Replication is a manufacturing process specifically engineered for larger runs. This process is referred to as stamping or molding. The CD is created by injecting polycarbonate into a die. The die was created from the glass master, which in turn was created from your master CD. CD Replication is used for large quantity orders, normally 1000 and higher. Turn times are slightly longer than duplication in short run quantities.

         CD Duplication is the process of burning data onto an existing pre-structured dye treated media (CD-R). This process is perfect for small quantities as well as larger quantities that require fast turnaround times. CCSS, Inc uses high quality media and R-Quest professional duplication systems to make your project a success.

Regardless of the method that is right for your particular job, CCSS experience of CD DVD media technology, packaging, distribution and customer service. Your experience with us will be a rewarding one.

  We pride ourselves on our quality and on time deliveries.


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