Pre-Printed Media

Stop using that branded CD-R advertising Maxell or whoever it may be. Give yourself the exposure that you deserve by having pre printed CD-R's. With your own pre printed CD-R's you will have a professional presentation that will lift you above your competition, allowing you to win more bids.

As you can see what a dramatic difference it makes when you present a branded CD-R and a custom pre printed CD-R to a client. Which one would you like to receive.

You have total contol over the art used on your pre printed CD-R's. We use a CYMK system that allows a great range of colors. The printing is smug proof and water proof.
Media is included in pricing.    
CD-R 52x 80 min Each Total
100 $0.78 $78.00
300 $0.74 $222.00
500 $0.65 $325.00
1000 $0.61 $610.00
DVD-R 8x 4.7gb Each Total
100 $0.98 $98.00
300 $0.94 $282.00
500 $0.85 $425.00
1000 $0.81 $810.00
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