USB Flash Drive Duplication

With our USB duplicators and the personal to operate them we can copy your USB's in a timely fashion. We feel that your experience will be a rewarding one. We pride ourselves on our quality and on time deliveries.

USB Duplication Services CCSS, Inc.

Since CCSS announce in 2004 the addition of USB Flash Drive duplication. USB Flash Drives have become one of the most popular and innovative data transport systems. With USB Flash Drives ranging in size from 64MB to 4GB with multi-platform capability, and with 40 MBytes/sec transfer speeds. We can see why USB Flash Drives are up and coming.

Due to the large spectrum of Flash Drive combinations available. Please request a online quote for a price quote.

Example Pricing:

Customer Supplied 1-500 1Gig USB Flash Drive Bulk Packed Duplication Only $0.65 each.

Revitalizing Service's

You have hard earned capital tied up in obsolete promotional Flash Drives that you have in storage CCSS Inc. Provides a REVITALIZING service that will allow you to place the unused media back into service.

Revitalizing Service consists of:
  • Check media for any physical damage.
  • Wipe media of all data.
  • Scan for errors.
  • Mark or repair any errors found on the media.
  • Recertify media to meet original specifications.
Join the many corporations that utilize this service to preserve their bottom line.
Not only are you saving money but also the environment from discarded micro hardware.

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